We don’t take cut from developers. TapTap is the ideal player community when looking for games, reviews and friendship. Providing Android, iOS and web-based support, TapTap is the first and only third-party platform supporting premium Android games in China. And most importantly, we don’t take cut from developers. TapTap provides featured game evaluated by our editorial team every day. To us, player preference is the sole standard of game quality. No click farmers, No bots, Provide a real rankings We don’t work with click farmers and bots. All ratings and results for TapTap are based on actual players’ feedback. More than ten million core members share their valued contents including game evaluation, guide, VODs and discussions. This dedicated community is the result of our quality UGC contents. Game devs and media content makers are also part of the community, sharing the latest information and original contents. Easy, Professional, Win-win An easy to operate, multilingual developer backend combines with real-time open-source data analysis and convenient ad-serving software means TapTap is the easiest platform for developers to use, granting professional services without expensive platform costs. With “beta test” features, players gain early access to new games and provide timely, valuable feedbacks directly to the devs. This ensures the best communication and further development. Players have the chance to play the games that they really enjoy and devs have the chance to present their masterpiece to the target audience – the true win-win strategy.

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