The application of Âpp China is the strongest application ever made to rival Google Play’s official Play Google Play, which outperforms any rival application because of its support for access to paid apps and games without the need for any fine amount as with the applications on Google Play. It also protects your computer from damage or damage, because it does not require routine phone work and routine privileges as with other similar sites that operate in this area. Many programs and applications download and download different games and applications, but the most powerful of which are those applications that distract you are the payment for the programs that need to pay by Visa, or Master Card, many of the games and applications that are all sought by everyone need To pay before you receive it. In case you need to get these programs in urgent need you will inevitably find yourself in front of the payment request before installing the software or game. Not to mention that while accepting the payment policy of the game or the movie you wish to download, you will be surprised by the exorbitant prices that will make it difficult to buy the game. Moreover, the games you wish to download may not be much known. Which puts you in front of a big challenge of buying the game and when you see the details of them find boring or not commensurate with your interests. But with the application of Âpp China, say goodbye to payment or fine money, pppp China gives you the opportunity to get any program you want without any payment method. If you are interested in downloading prepaid games and other programs that require it, you should apply Âpp China. What is the application of Âpp China Âpp China is a special store for phones that support the Android operating system, originally a Chinese application translated into Japanese, and because of the enormous advantages offered by the application to all its users, one of the programmers programmed the application into Arabic to be accessible and easy to use for all people in the Arab world . The application of Âpp China, is an application that contains a very large number of applications and games and many books, novels, stories and everything that is sought by users and interested in the world. With the myriad of applications that offer a lot of explanations about how to get the app you want to pay or get through by following the instructions for downloading free games, which are of course complicated and difficult to implement, the application of Âpp China removes the pressure on the files and then Move them to the right track so that the visitor can upload them without having to follow complicated, annoying steps and instructions. Features of Âpp China Comprehensive shop: Once you have entered the homepage of the shop, you will find many different categories that include a very large number of the most popular and most popular applications among the interested, you can choose the best of them and then download it easily on your phone. Free download for apps and games: In the Google Play store you find many applications and games that need prepay so you can get the game, but with the application of Âpp China you do not need to pay any fees or costs, you will be able to get the applications and games you want by pressing The game download button in the search engine of the program. Elegance in design: The stylish interface of the program is designed to be attractive, making it easy for users to access various applications and games. The application of the platform has an easy interface for all age groups and can be accessed whatever the user wants, regardless of his culture or age. . When you open the application for the first time, you will find that it is divided into many lists and categories that allow you to search for what you want easily and in an organized way. List of different application profiles). Upload anything paid in just one file: Many games and applications when loaded need to be transferred to abk, abb. data, or decompress it, but with the application of Âpp China all files and games paid in one file will be loaded at full speed, without having to decompress or transfer files to different paths. Ad blocking: Âpp China allows you to delete annoying ads and not allow pop-ups that can harm your phone. The application of Âpp China is an extended application: In addition to having a great number of applications and games, Âpp China has many different books and themes that you can easily and completely get free of access to the main interface of the program, not to mention that it provides you with a distinct version of applications and games that are prohibited to Some users in some countries are subject to the application of political and economic sanctions as is the case in developing countries. For example, when you log on to Google Play and download an application or games, and a message appears to you about it (sorry, this item is not available in your country) of course what you will do is cancel the download, but with the application of Âpp China will give the application to solve this problem, To access the US Play Store to download the app. Application Interpreter: The application is available in Chinese and Japanese, but with the Play Store we will provide you with a free version programmed into Arabic at the end of the article so that it is easy to use without hindrance, and you can search for the game or application to be only by writing the name of the game,.

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